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Transmission Services & Repair

Transmission Repair

Your vehicle’s transmission is the system that transfers the power created by your engine to the drive-train. The drive-train then uses that power to set your vehicle’s wheels in motion. If your vehicle’s transmission is not functioning properly, you may notice:

  1. Rough shifting
  2. Gear slippage
  3. Delayed engagement when shifting from park to drive
  4. Leaking of transmission fluid
  5. A marked reduction in fuel efficiency.

These signs indicate that your vehicle’s transmission or a related component is in need of repair or replacement.

At Jay’s Garage of Portland, the trusted car tune up experts of Portland, our ASE certified technicians are extensively trained to diagnose, repair and replace the transmission of any domestic or import vehicle.

Diagnosing the Problem

By working with the most advanced diagnostic equipment, our technicians can quickly and correctly identify any manual or automatic transmission issue and advise you on your best and most affordable options to return to your vehicle to a state of optimum performance. Stop by Jay’s Garage near 7th Avenue and Morrison for any auto repair service or questions. As Portland’s trusted car tune up specialists, we also do routine maintenance procedures like oil changes, tire rotations, and air conditioning maintenance.

When a transmission begins to show signs that it is not functioning properly, it does not necessarily indicate that your transmission must be replaced. There are one or more component replacements or types of auto repair that can be performed before jumping to a full transmission replacement, such as clutch replacement, differential repair, leak repair, fluid flush, sensor replacement, valve body replacement, and torque converter replacement.

Due to the high degree of expertise required to effectively address transmission problems, you need to choose a superior automotive repair facility that employs highly-trained technicians and houses the latest in advanced automotive technology for accurate diagnostics and effective repairs.

Repair or Replacement

As an AAA-approved automotive repair facility with unparalleled expertise, Jay’s Garage can efficiently and affordably perform your transmission repair or replacement that puts you in the driver’s seat of a reliable vehicle you can count on for uninterrupted and smooth transportation.

If you have noticed any difficulties with the operation of your vehicle’s transmission, Jay’s Garage will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide you with a detailed explanation of what is wrong with your vehicle’s transmission and our advice for repair. Since 1981, we have been servicing the transmissions of Portland’s residents and making Jay’s Garage a name you can trust.

Schedule a service appointment today by calling (503) 239-5167 to discover why our first-time customers become long-term clients for all of their automotive needs.

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