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Oil Change

Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most important and most frequent types of auto repair necessary to keep your car running smoothly.

Your vehicle’s engine operates in a continuous mode of combustion to create the power your transmission then sends to the wheels for movement. To reduce premature engine and transmission wear as well as the risk of sudden failure under the pressure of continuous combustion, the oil acts as a cushioned barrier between these rapidly moving components.

If your vehicle’s oil level is low or the oil has lost its viscosity due to age or contamination, the barrier can be broken. At this point, the parts will grind and rub together, causing significant damage that will saddle you with a costly repair bill.

That’s why it’s important to have your oil proactively checked and changed. It can be a hassle, but it’s considerably cheaper than repairing a broken engine. Just ask you mechanic to perform a quick one the next time you take your car in for a quick tune up, tire rotation or brake check.

Checking Oil

To save on maintenance expenses, some car owners check their own vehicle’s oil level. However, manual checking can only go so far as to determine whether the fluid is sitting below the minimum oil level line.

To determine whether it is time for an oil change, it’s best not to solely rely on your own visual inspection of the fluid, but rather adhere to the recommended oil change schedule as outlined in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. Or you can have it inspected by your trusted local Portland car mechanic at Jay’s Garage once every 6,000 miles.

However, if the check oil light suddenly lights up in your vehicle, it’s time to schedule a service appointment. While these lights are often referred to as “dummy lights,” the check oil light is a reliable signal that the oil level is low. This could mean that it simply needs to be refilled but it could also mean there’s a leak.

Changing Oil

At Jay’s Garage in Portland, OR, our highly experienced ASE-certified technicians are trained to perform oil changes and all other types of auto repair services like air conditioning and power steering maintenance on vehicles of all makes, models and years. If your vehicle is due for an oil change or the check oil light is on, choose Jay’s Garage, the Portland car tune-up experts.

Schedule your next service appointment with the Jay’s Garage team by calling (503) 239-5167. Since 1981, we have been servicing the vehicles of Portland residents and making Jay’s Garage a name you can trust.

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