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Exhaust Repair and Installation

Our team at Jay’s Garage love building, installing, and repairing exhaust systems. Whether you have a compact car, or a jacked up diesel pickup truck, we have the materials, equipment and skills to make your vehicle sound perfect, and run smooth.


If you have found your vehicle has a leaky exhaust, or your vehicle isn’t passing DEQ because of an exhaust problem or due to a catalytic converter, we can fix that!

Small leak to large, new exhaust kit to fully custom built, we do everything exhaust related. We have fully invested in the proper equipment to ensure your pipe bends and welds come out just how you expect them.


We install and repair exhausts for any vehicle size, compact cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks are all welcome. We offer a variety of mufflers, catalytic and exhaust tips.  Simply choose from one of our options, and we build the rest right in the shop.

With only a handful of exhaust shops in Portland, we work hard to make sure our work is the best, and the service top notch. Our family of ASE certified technicians are ready to assist you with any exhaust install or exhaust repair. Ready to get your exhaust installed or repaired? Call  (503) 239-5167 now!

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