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Climate Control System

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Being stuck in your vehicle for long commutes during the hot summer months is never fun. If you leave your air conditioning maintenance and repair to the Portland car tune-up experts at Jay’s Garage, your vehicle’s air conditioning will always produce nice, cold air when you need it most.

Performance Check

As your vehicle gets older, the fittings become lose, hoses and seals start to wear out, and O-rings start to degrade. These small gaps allow cold air to seep out of the system and produces warm air when you turn on your AC rather than the cold air you are desperately seeking.

Fluids may also run low, causing your AC to pump out warm air instead of refreshing cool air.

A performance check conducted by one of our ASE-certified technicians will test the power and efficiency of your air conditioning. This is done to try and help pinpoint the lack of efficiency in the vehicle’s air conditioning. A minor drop in performance often leads to low fluid levels which need a simple recharge to restore your vehicle’s air conditioning power. Whether you have minor AC repair needs or major auto service call Jay’s Garage for all auto repair in Portland.

A/C Recharging

A recharge is recommended yearly or every other year. Freon, the coolant that produces cold air when you turn on your A/C, needs to be replaced. This is done by draining all of the current Freon in the system and replacing it with new Freon.

This is the “recharging” process.

We will go a step further by testing the A/C system pressure and temperature control. We will make all of the necessary adjustments to ensure that the pressure is in-line with manufacturer recommendations and that the temperature control is as precise as possible.

A/C Repair Services

Seals, hoses, O-rings and other components of an air conditioner may wear over time. These parts may need to be replaced. Our technicians will conduct pressure tests to find if there is any air leaking out of the system that is harming your air conditioner’s performance.

There’s a chance that your problem stems not from your AC system, but rather from your electrical system or your car battery. In this case, any work done on the AC unit won’t actually yield any productive results.

At Jay’s Garage, we first start with a complete diagnosing of the unit. Afterward, we will repair all of the necessary components.

The following parts may also need to be replaced:

  1. Compressors
  2. Evaporators
  3. Condensers
  4. Accumulators
  5. Switches, controls and modules
  6. Blower motors

There are numerous internal parts of an air conditioner that may need to be replaced. Through our pinpoint diagnostic procedure, we’ll determine what’s wrong with your system, so timely repairs can be made.

If your vehicle’s air conditioner is blowing out hot air or isn’t kicking on, give your local air conditioning service & repair service in Portland a call at (503) 239-5167.

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