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Brake Repair

Brake Repair

One of the most crucial safety features on your vehicle is the stopping power of the brakes. Squeaking, grinding, pulsating of the brake pedal and shaking of the steering wheel are warning signs that can signal your braking system isn’t functioning properly.

If your braking system fails, you risk being involved in a collision and causing injury to yourself and others. For this reason, you must have your brakes serviced as soon as you begin hearing unusual noises and/or feeling vibrations in the brake pedal and steering wheel.

Brake Maintenance

Given how important your car’s breaks are to both your safety and that of the general public, regular maintenance and necessary repairs of your vehicle’s brakes should be trusted to a reliable brake shop, like Jay’s Garage. Since 1981, the certified technicians of Jay’s Garage, the Portland car tune up experts, have been providing professional auto repair services for all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles.

Due to the inherent wear and tear caused by the continuous tremendous force exerted on the components of the braking system, your vehicle will require full servicing of its brakes based on the recommendations provided within your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you cannot locate your owner’s manual, the highly experienced automotive repair team at Jay’s Garage can advise you on a maintenance schedule that is best suited for your specific vehicle.

Brake Pads

Regardless of your vehicle’s particular make and model, a common repair for your braking system will be replacing your brake pads. For the average vehicle, brake pads should be inspected and replaced every 20,000-25,000 miles.


However, due to variations in driving styles and whether you drive a manual in which you utilize your clutch for braking, your vehicle’s brakes may wear out differently compared to the same exact vehicle driven by a different person. Therefore, the recommendations outlined in your owner’s manual should be considered as more of a guideline. Your vehicle’s brake pads and brake fluid must be inspected during oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups to determine whether it’s time for brake servicing.

Whether your vehicle is in need of brake pads, resurfacing of rotors or caliper replacements, the AAA approved automotive repair center of Jay’s Garage in Portland, OR, is prepared to successfully and quickly service your vehicle’s brakes. We also handle all engine and transmission repairs, as well as maintenance on your heating and cooling system. As the car tune-up experts in Portland, Jay’s Garage is a name you can trust for brake maintenance and repair

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