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Mercedes is a German company, and is one of the best-selling manufacturers of luxury automobiles in the world. They have earned a reputation for producing safe, sturdy and reliable vehicles.

At Jay’s Garage in Portland, OR, we take pride in providing honest, quality maintenance and repairs for Mercedes vehicles. Our preventative maintenance service, complete with a 40-point inspection, is designed to improve your BMW’s performance, and also to help prevent potential mechanical problems from crippling your BMW. Our expert mechanics can spot any potential issues and fix them, all while providing our customers with possible alternatives.

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your Mercedes car, truck or SUV may need include:

A Brief History of Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz traces its origins all the way back to 1886, when Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler collaborated to design the first petrol-powered vehicle, the Benz Patent Motorwagen.

Before 1926, the company was called Daimler Mercedes, but when Daimler’s company formed with Karl Benz’s, the name Mercedes-Benz was adopted and is still in use today. WWII forced the company to produce vehicles for the war effort, and near the end of the war almost all of the company’s facilities were destroyed.

It took them a few years to recover, but in 1949 Mercedes-Benz introduced the 170D, which got the company back on the right track. During the 50’s Mercedes-Benz produced several classic cars, such as the 190 and the 300 SL, which was the first car to use fuel-injection. As environmental concerns grew in the 80’s, Mercedes-Benz responded by creating the three-way catalytic converter.

Mercedes-Benz is always at the forefront of innovation, and it should come as no surprise since it is the oldest automaker in the world and has always placed a high level of importance on research and innovation.

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