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Jay’s Garage in Portland makes it our priority to provide great service to keep your Jeep running the way it was intended with regular repairs and maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle through regular check-ups is critical to keeping it in top shape. Our services include a 40 – point inspections for your Jeep where we’ll help diagnose any problems in order to keep your Jeep on the road.

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A Brief History of Jeep

Jeep is a subsidiary brand of Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles first appeared during WWII, when the U.S. military ordered the construction of a tough, reliable vehicle.

The Jeeps produced for the military were extremely tough and reliable, as well as lightweight and compact, so it was easy to transport. The WWII Jeeps quickly earned recognition for their toughness and durability, and this would go a long way in propelling Jeep as its own car brand. It is rumored that the name Jeep came about as a result of people slurring the acronym G.P., which stands for General Purpose Vehicle, and was what the military called the vehicles.

The first civilian Jeep vehicle was produced in 1945, the CJ-2A, and was sold to farmers and construction workers mostly. In 1954 Jeep introduced the CJ-5, which was in production all the way up until 1984. In 1963 Jeep rolled out the Wagoneer, which was the forerunner for the Jeep Grand Cherokee of modern times.

Jeep is still one of the most iconic vehicle brands in the world, and Jeep is currently developing its next generation of off-road vehicles.

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