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Ford has built a reputation of the best quality American car or truck on the market today. Ford is the second largest American based automaker and builds many types of vehicles ranging from compact vehicles up to heavy duty trucks.

It’s our priority at Jay’s Garage to keep your Ford running strong with regular repairs, service and maintenance. Keeping up to date on required maintenance is extremely crucial to the prolonged health of your Ford. Our services include our 40 – point inspections for your Ford which will help ensure it continues running strong for years to come.

Ford Repair, Maintenance & Services

Your Ford may need some or all of the following scheduled maintenance services:

A Brief History of Ford

Ford was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, and is the largest family-owned company in the world.

Ford experienced immediate success in the automotive industry. In 1909, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line method which streamlined factories and allowed Ford to produce 18,000 Model Ts in one year. By 1919, Ford was producing half of America’s cars. Like most automakers, WWII forced Ford to shift its focus to producing military vehicles. After WWII Ford struggled with the death of Henry Ford and his son, but by the 50’s Ford had recovered.

In 1955, Ford introduced the legendary Thunderbird, and in 1964 the Mustang. Despite these iconic models, Ford struggled in the 1990’s and 2000’s, nearly going bankrupt in the process. They have since rebranded and dug themselves out of the financial hole they were in. The Ford Focus is a big reason why, along with a number of other new models that stressed fuel-efficiency and performance. Ford has recovered nicely, and is developing its next generation of economical vehicles.

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