How Often Do I Need to Change My Coolant?

Coolant is often overlooked until it’s absolutely necessary or too late. Also known as antifreeze, it is a bright green or yellow liquid that is normally mixed 50/50 with water to keep your radiator from overheating or freezing. Two Forms Coolant comes in two forms ethylene glycol and propylene glycol and is well suited depending on where you live and your lifestyle. Ethylene glycol – With having a lower freezing point and lower viscosity it is better for colder climates or locations with more severe winters. With a low flammability, it won’t ignite inside your radiator due to high heats. This compound on its own...


Self-Check: Six Fluids Guide

You may be here because you want to be more independent or wanting to gain more knowledge about the maintenance of your vehicle. This guide is a good place to start. Most of these processes should be integrated into your personal maintenance schedule as they are often forgotten even though it’s mentioned in your vehicle’s manual. Below are the six main fluids you should be checking. Before checking your vehicle the most important step is making sure you have turned off the engine and given it enough time to cool down. Some of these fluids are under high heat and pressure and can...


From Winter to Spring Checklist

Winter has ended and spring is here. With all the cold weather gone and summer around the corner, spring is the prime season to get your vehicle checkout and a little spring cleaning. As we all know winter is one of the harshest seasons for our cars between the cold weather, ice build ups, De-Icer, and the driving conditions endured. Comprised below is a maintenance checklist to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Overall Cleaning As stated before during the winter season a lot of De-Icer can build up on your vehicle. This salt is abrasive and corrosive meaning it...