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Infiniti is known for the unparalleled quality, reliability and luxury that we have come to expect from a superior luxury automobile.

Located in Portland, OR, Jay’s Garage has earned a reputation for providing thorough repair and preventative maintenance services for Infiniti vehicles. It is our goal to keep your Infiniti vehicle running in tip-top shape. Our highly-trained mechanics offer a wide array of repair and maintenance services. Whether you need something as simple for your Infiniti as a routine oil change, or if you need to have your brakes replaced, Jay’s can take care of your Infiniti vehicle and repair whatever problem it may be having.

Infiniti Repair, Maintenance & Services

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your Infiniti car, truck or SUV may need include:

A Brief History of Infiniti

Infiniti is the luxury brand sector of the Nissan Motor Company, and was founded in 1989 in order to produce more deluxe, luxurious consumer vehicles.

The first Infiniti model was the Q45, which was engineered and designed to compete in the full-sized luxury vehicle market. Infiniti released several other luxury models shortly after the Q45, but they were relatively unsuccessful compared with Acura and Lexus. In 1997, Infiniti turned it around by being one of the first automakers to produce a mid-sized luxury SUV, the QX4. Sales for Infiniti vehicles still floundered in most markets, however. By the early 2000’s the company was facing extinction.

With its back against a wall, Infiniti dedicated itself to developing a unique line of sporty luxury cars. In 2003, the G35 was introduced and experienced success in the U.S. This model spawned the G series of vehicles, which basically saved Infiniti and gave them a reputation as “the Japanese BMW.” Infiniti has found a niche for itself, and as a result they have experienced increasing success worldwide.

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