• Fuel Economy & Refuel Records

    Fuel Economy & Refuel Records

    With many options for keeping track of your fuel use, there shouldn’t be a reason not to. Some of the popular methods are the use of personalized spreadsheets, downloadable forms, tracking applications, and websites. There are also already so many reasons to keep a record of your fuel spending such as tax, calculating MPG, budgeting, keeping track of miles driven, etc.

  • What Are Tire Rotational Patterns?

    What Are Tire Rotational Patterns?

    When dealing with different types of tries and drivetrains, various rotation patterns are required for even wear on the threads. Tires can vary in size, and direction whereas drive-trains come in front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel, and four-wheel. All these factors come into play when building a tire rotation schedule.

  • What is a Tire Rotation Schedule?

    What is a Tire Rotation Schedule?

    Tires allow the vehicle to remain glued to the ground at all times and similar to soles of a shoe, they experience wear. Did you know parts of the shoe becomes more worn than others? Tires are similar in the same aspect, they wear unevenly. Rotations are performed to control the wear of the treads, evening them out. This allows the tread to last longer and makes driving safer. Note some warranties require tire rotation at defined intervals. But what exactly is tire rotation and why is it important? 

  • Brake Change, When is it Needed?

    Brake Change, When is it Needed?

    Brakes last quite a while and in term they can often be forgotten despite being one of the most important safety features on the vehicle. If left unchecked the brakes could cause more harm to both your safety and your wallet. As the rotor is one of the more expensive parts of the braking system it should be taken care of. Maintaining brakes requires routine checks to include miles, audio noise, stopping conditions, odors, and indicating dash lights. If unsure always consult a certified mechanic.

  • Transmission Fluid: Change Vs Flush

    Transmission Fluid: Change Vs Flush

    We both know why you came here. Your transmission is one of the most expensive parts in your vehicle and you’re wanting more information on whether a flush or fluid change is the right choice. Regardless of the costs of both auto vs manual transmissions, both require service to properly perform. If you haven’t already noticed, although similar in concept, both a flush and a fluid change are two completely different services.

  • Transmissions: Cost of Auto Vs Manual

    Transmissions: Cost of Auto Vs Manual

    Before taking your vehicle into service or planning to look for a new vehicle the first thing you may have considered is what is the worst-case scenario. One of these worst-case scenarios for any vehicle is your transmission dying and needing service. The cost of repair for any dead transmission is equal to most of the value of your car and you might be better off buying a new one. Others that pre-plan, debate whether to get an automatic transmission or a manual often trying to determine the longevity and estimating devaluation and overall lifespan of their transmission. Which costs less in the long run? Which last longer? What has a better fuel economy? Which is more expensive to repair? All these questions often pondered especially if you want your ride to last as long and cost-effective as possible.

  • How Often Do I Need to Change My Coolant?

    How Often Do I Need to Change My Coolant?

    Coolant is often overlooked until it’s absolutely necessary or too late. Also known as antifreeze, it is a bright green or yellow liquid that is normally mixed 50/50 with water to keep your radiator from overheating or freezing.

  • Self-Check: Six Fluids Guide

    Self-Check: Six Fluids Guide

    You may be here because you want to be more independent or wanting to gain more knowledge about the maintenance of your vehicle. This guide is a good place to start. Most of these processes should be integrated into your personal maintenance schedule as they are often forgotten even though it’s mentioned in your vehicle’s manual. Below are the six main fluids you should be checking.

  • From Winter to Spring Checklist

    From Winter to Spring Checklist

    Winter has ended and spring is here. With all the cold weather gone and summer around the corner, spring is the prime season to get your vehicle checkout and a little spring cleaning. As we all know winter is one of the harshest seasons for our cars between the cold weather, ice build ups, De-Icer, and the driving conditions endured. Comprised below is a maintenance checklist to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

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