• Brake Change, When is it Needed?

    Brake Change, When is it Needed?

    Brakes last quite a while and in term they can often be forgotten despite being one of the most important safety features on the vehicle. If left unchecked the brakes could cause more harm to both your safety and your wallet. As the rotor is one of the more expensive parts of the braking system it should be taken care of. Maintaining brakes requires routine checks to include miles, audio noise, stopping conditions, odors, and indicating dash lights. If unsure always consult a certified mechanic.

  • Transmission Fluid: Change Vs Flush

    Transmission Fluid: Change Vs Flush

    We both know why you came here. Your transmission is one of the most expensive parts in your vehicle and you’re wanting more information on whether a flush or fluid change is the right choice. Regardless of the costs of both auto vs manual transmissions, both require service to properly perform. If you haven’t already noticed, although similar in concept, both a flush and a fluid change are two completely different services.

  • Transmissions: Cost of Auto Vs Manual

    Transmissions: Cost of Auto Vs Manual

    Before taking your vehicle into service or planning to look for a new vehicle the first thing you may have considered is what is the worst-case scenario. One of these worst-case scenarios for any vehicle is your transmission dying and needing service. The cost of repair for any dead transmission is equal to most of the value of your car and you might be better off buying a new one. Others that pre-plan, debate whether to get an automatic transmission or a manual often trying to determine the longevity and estimating devaluation and overall lifespan of their transmission. Which costs less in the long run? Which last longer? What has a better fuel economy? Which is more expensive to repair? All these questions often pondered especially if you want your ride to last as long and cost-effective as possible.

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