• Fuel Economy & Refuel Records

    Fuel Economy & Refuel Records

    With many options for keeping track of your fuel use, there shouldn’t be a reason not to. Some of the popular methods are the use of personalized spreadsheets, downloadable forms, tracking applications, and websites. There are also already so many reasons to keep a record of your fuel spending such as tax, calculating MPG, budgeting, keeping track of miles driven, etc.

  • What Are Tire Rotational Patterns?

    What Are Tire Rotational Patterns?

    When dealing with different types of tries and drivetrains, various rotation patterns are required for even wear on the threads. Tires can vary in size, and direction whereas drive-trains come in front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel, and four-wheel. All these factors come into play when building a tire rotation schedule.

  • What is a Tire Rotation Schedule?

    What is a Tire Rotation Schedule?

    Tires allow the vehicle to remain glued to the ground at all times and similar to soles of a shoe, they experience wear. Did you know parts of the shoe becomes more worn than others? Tires are similar in the same aspect, they wear unevenly. Rotations are performed to control the wear of the treads, evening them out. This allows the tread to last longer and makes driving safer. Note some warranties require tire rotation at defined intervals. But what exactly is tire rotation and why is it important? 

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